Preksha & Chetan

Preksha and Chetan, like others, are a really cute couple. Both the groom and the bride were so into each other. Preksha and Chetan were a truly beautiful couple. They were deeply in love, and their relationship radiated a special warmth and closeness that made everyone around them feel content and happy. The two were inseparable, always finding new ways to show their profound love and appreciation for one another. Preksha and Chetan had a special relationship that inspired happiness and admiration in everyone who witnessed it.

Pre-Wedding photoshoot at The Perfect Valley

The Perfect Valley is one of the most beautiful photography studios in Delhi. The Perfect Valley offers you a wide range of gorgeous sets and prompts for your Photoshoot. That is why a lot of couples like to get their photoshoot done at The Perfect Valley. The studio has got various beautiful and romantic sets. The couple Preksha and Chetan had their shoots with multiple prompts. The couple was dressed in various outfits and the shoot was done both under the sun as well as under the starlight.

Celebrity Photography

Best candid pre-wedding photographers in Delhi

Wedding Photo Planet is dedicated to providing you with the best candid pre-wedding photography in Delhi. Our team of expert photographers are skilled in capturing the candid moments and emotions of your special day in an unobtrusive and natural way. They understand how to capture the real emotions, reactions and feelings of your big day, creating a collection of images that truly reflect the essence of your wedding. Candid photography allows for a more natural and authentic representation of your wedding day compared to traditional photography and our photographers are known for their ability to capture those real moments that are often missed by the traditional photographers.