Chetan & Preksha

Wedding photoshoot of Chetan & Preksha was an eventful and emotional experience. The couple's traditional attire, with Preksha in a beautiful lehenga and Chetan in a classic sherwani, added a touch of elegance to the photos. The photographers captured their candid moments and emotions throughout the day, showcasing the love and connection between the couple. The couple's chemistry and love for each other were evident in every photo, making for a truly stunning set of images.

Wedding photo shoot at te leela

The Leela, one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Delhi. Our team of experts has handpicked a list of the top photographers who have extensive experience in capturing the grandeur and elegance of this iconic venue. The Leela's stunning architecture, lush gardens and elegant ballrooms provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. Our photographers are skilled professionals who know how to make the most of the venue's features and create a collection of images that are truly unique and timeless.

Celebrity Photography

Candid and cinematographers in delhi

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