Vishu & Divya

The wedding photoshoot of Vishu and Divya was a beautiful and romantic experience for the couple and their photographers. The couple's chemistry and love for each other shone through in every photo, making for a truly stunning set of images. The photoshoot took place in a variety of locations, including a picturesque beach and a charming countryside, providing a diverse range of backdrops for the photos. The couple's traditional attire added a touch of elegance to the photos, and the candid moments captured between Vishu and Divya were truly heartwarming.

Wedding photoshoot at city park hotel

City Park is one of the luxurious hotels in Delhi. Its enormous capacity of accommodating the guests allows the couple to invite their loved ones with the open heart. The lush greenery of their garden and magnificent architecture added a beautiful backdrop to the wedding photos and videos of these two couples.

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